My current research agenda has two main programmes. The first is on the the relationship between real estate markets and wealth redistribution. The second centres around the redistributional effects of behavioural public policies. My previous research has studied the effects of behavioural (psychological) biases in functioning markets and the effects of information disclosure policies.

Job market paper

Cooler Heads Prevail: The Effect of Weather on Pricing Residential Energy-Efficiency  [Available upon request].


Leveraging the motivational effects of labels: Lessons from retrofitting (with D. A. Comerford, M. Moro and T. Stowasser) – Behavioral Science & Policy 2021 [Link].

Working papers

Limited Attention in the Housing Market: Threshold Effects of Energy-Performance Certificates on Property Prices and Energy-Efficiency Investments (with D. A. Comerford, M. Moro and T. Stowasser) – Revise and resubmit at the American Economic Journal: Applied Economics [Link].

Balancing perspectives on performance: “Measurement from the inside” and “measurement from the outside” (with B. Lee) – Revise and resubmit at Nonprofit Management & Leadership [Available upon request].

The Role of Simplified Information in Market Learning [Available upon request].

Work in progress

On real estate markets and wealth redistribution.

On information provision for subsidy design and implementation.

Inference and estimation of moderation effects with a regression kink design.